Okay before we get into this, the biggest contributor to acne is without a doubt what we put into and onto our bodies. I'm sure you've heard that before but it is SO true. What we choose to consume and use can either feed or starve disease. (I go into more detail about what the true root causes of acne are and how to heal from them-for good-in my one on one coaching sessions. You can click the "HEALING + WORKING WITH ME" tab to learn more). 
There is no miracle cream or pill that will cure your acne and scars for good. Sure, there are chemical filled ointments and prescriptions out there that may clear and help your skin temporarily— that is until you have to get off of them. Taking prescriptions for short periods of time really messes with the body, the gut, the endocrine system, the liver, and the lymphatic system. So you can imagine how much detriment is caused when someone is taking them for years and years. All of those things are just band-aids for a deeper rooted problem that many don't realize they have. After stopping them the acne will flare back up and we wonder why. Why is this happening to me but not my friend who eats junk and does whatever they want without getting one single mark on their face?! "It's just not fair, why me!" There IS an explanation and that's why I want to help. If you're ready to finally take charge with healing your skin naturally, fill out that contact form and lets get you started on your healing journey! 🌸
Okay, now that I've made that disclaimer, I want to share with you something that has ENHANCED my skin through my journey with severe cystic acne and scarring.  
These gems right here.
These all natural products were game changers for my skin. They help to keep it supple, moisturized, glowing, and create a more even tone.
What are they, you ask?!
They are my SIMPLE skin routine.
*Some links below are affiliate links but every product mentioned I use and LOVE. 
I would never recommend a product I don't fully believe in.
#1. Wipe my face with a damp wash cloth really well. (Helps to take off dead skin and remove any surface dirt) 
#2. In my hand I drop a dropper full of the 100% organic pomegranate oil https://amzn.to/2l8qUXm (Simply amazing stuff. Was a GAME CHANGER for the hydration of my skin.)
#3. After dropping the oil into my hand, I then drop in 2 drops each of frankincense (helps to even skin tone, work against stubborn pimples, and creates a brighter looking appearance) and lavender (helps with scarring as well as calming the entire body) essential oils. These oils are a great addition to any natural skin care routine because not only do they help the skin to heal, but they also help to ease stress. Trying to figure out the reasons behind acne along with dealing with the appearance of it is extremely stressful. Our skin is our biggest organ and everything we put onto it goes directly into our bloodstream. So when these oils get applied all over the face, we immediately feel that sense of calmness and relaxation. *It is important to use essential oils from reputable companies like DoTerra and Young Living. Anything else I personally would not use. All of the "essential oils" you see in the stores are filled with chemicals. A no go for me.

#4. I then rub the oils all over my face making sure to cover everything. Under eyes, on eyelids, lips, even eyelashes! Lavender is actually great at promoting eyelash growth. (Just make sure not to get the oils directly into the eyes)
#5. Last step is I spray the 100% rose water spray https://amzn.to/2sYq6Zr multiple times all over my face. This also gives an ample amount of hydration to the skin. I make sure that if I'm going to wear makeup that I use a smaller amount of the oils and spray as opposed to at night. I really lather it up at night. I also wait at least 10 minutes so that things sink in. Sometimes I even use a wash cloth to dab a little off my face before applying makeup. This gives the best application, in my experience. 
I have struggled with cystic acne for 6 years and it has been one hell of a ride. These pictures were a dark time but not even at my worst.
These pictures show my struggles. So much pain, physically and emotionally. I have been there, and am still there some days. And some days it has looked much worse than those pictures. Currently, I now experience detox symptoms that sometimes come through as the form of acne. But I no longer feel infuriated when it happens. Does it annoy me? Yeah. Do I struggle with feeling my best and most confident self with it? Of course. But I know that it's happening for good now and that they will not last. 
The more I amp up my detox protocols the more symptoms I experience. It's apart of the process. That's a huge key in healing. You have to accept the process. It won't be an overnight journey. It will take patience, consistency, and confidence in the protocols. Do all people who detox experience acne? Nope. It depends on what health struggles you are dealing with. Why does my detox cause acne? Toxins are being forced out through the skin because of a liver that is sluggish and needs help being able to process things. 
 After years of me doing the exact things I talked about earlier— steroid face ointments, prescription medications, feeding my body with absolute crap, and putting things on my skin that I didn't even care to check the ingredients on.. VOLATILE THINGS THAT HURT OUR BODIES. We are surrounded by them. But there are ways to fight back.
This was my skin 6 months after being on the protocols I use with my clients + consistently using my DIY bomb essential oil skin combo from above.  I still have my ups and downs with my skin, but like I said, it's a process that we have to accept. Healing is miraculous. And it only continues to get better and better.
There have been many things that I have found to enhance my journey of health and essential oils are high up on that list. I love to diffuse them in my home, use them for different ailments on the body, have them as a secret weapon for when I am feeling emotional or stressed, and I have made countless DIY recipes with them for cleaning, bug spray, fruit wash, + so much more. They are versatile and integrate seamlessly into the lives of those who are trying to add more health and wellness into their day to day. If you are interested in having these little beauties be an addition on your new journey (and literally be life savers sometimes), click the photo above and it will allow you to sign up under me so that you can purchase whatever oils your heart desires- and at a discounted price as well! 

Happy oiling my friends! Xo
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